Reflections :)

 1. What we enjoyed most when working on this task

We enjoyed the the visit to the Asian Civilisation Museum to view and record the information of the artifacts in the China exhibition. We got to look at actual items that were used at that point of time in the past and the special thing to it was that it was discovered from a shipwreck. This shipwreck was a Arab merchant ship in the 9th century. This means that the artifacts were buried under water for many centuries before discovery and we were very lucky to be viewing objects from the extreme past.

2. What were some challenges we faced?

The information of the China gallery that we chosen was quite limited with information. Thus, we had to look through the artefacts one by one to scout for information. We did not read through the instruction properly and missed out some places to visit.

3. This could be difficulties faced during the trail/visit; you could also talk about the group working dynamics of the group or any encounter
 It was quite rushing for us as we arrived at the destination late as some of us had Higher Chinese e-learning task before this. We took almost an hour to travel to the destination. We did not plan properly before hand so we rushed to take pictures and tried to complete this task by the due date. In the end, we found out that we had a communication problem causing us to rush through at the last minute.

4.  Describe ONE area that you think your group could do better if given an opportunity to do it again.

We could perform better in the planning and discussion stage before we would start the trail. We should have allocated a time to plan in detail to everyone knows what to do in the blog and to collect what information. We could have done prior research so we would know how does each of the destination looks like.