Friday, March 23, 2012

Asian Civilisation Museum - Artefact 2 : Chinese Coins

The Chinese coins are used as a form of money in the different era that they are minted in. 

Three differences to its modern day 

1. In the past, the coins has a square-shaped hole in the middle of the coin. This is to help the past people string and tie their coins up on a piece of ribbon or string. In the present days, the coins no longer have holes as there are purses to store the coins so that coins do not get lost unnecessarily. 

2. The coins are inscribed differently in the past from the present. In the past, the chinese coins are inscribed from the era that they are minted in and the value of the coins( circulating treasure or heavy treasure). In the present days, the coins are inscribed with the year they are minted and symbol of the government with the country's name. 

3.  In the past, Chinese people use ingots has money too but in the present days, we use notes and coins as money. The ingots are made in silver. Notes are made from paper and plastic with the value and design printed on it. 

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