Friday, March 23, 2012

The 'past' and 'present' singapore river

Inference 1 :

I can infer that Singapore River was a important place that shows the activities of traders. It is evident from the following sources below that there warehouses at the sides of the Singapore River that were converted to modern day buildings and models of boats that trade in Singapore were displayed in the Asian Cvilisation Museum. Thus, trading activities were carried out in the past at the Singapore River.

Information :
For over a century, the Singapore River was Singapore’s trading and commercial lifeline. The sheltered harbour at the mouth of the river had facilitate entrepot trade, bring ships and immigrants to the island’s shores. By 1970s, the river had become one large dumping ground for the street hawkers and squatter settlements that had settled around its shores. There are hardly any marine lives because the river was so clogged up with rubbish. Thus, in 1977, the government embarked on the mammoth task of cleaning up the river. Ten years later, marine life started to thrive in this river. With the river cleaned up, the next stage is to redevelop the area around the river. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) undertook the planning of the Singapore River.

Inference 2 :

I can infer that the current Singapore River is now a popular tourist attraction. It is shown in the picture below  that there are many shops and restaurants in infrastructures built along the river, after many developments have taken place there.The Singapore River has also used as a site for river cruising to enjoy the scenic view of the sides of Singapore River. Thus, the river has been used as a place of interest to attract tourist with the shopping, dining and relaxation facilities.

 Observation : The place is know for its night life and there are many pubs/bars and restaurants along the river. All the shop houses/buildings are brightly painted.

Observation : Now, many tour boats are sailing on Singapore river to bring people across this river.

Inference 3 : I can also infer that the Singapore River is a historical place. It is evident from the source that it is where Sir Stamford Raffles's second statue is located at. There are many other historical places such as the Asian Civilisation Museum to preserve the past. Thus, the Singapore River would be a place with many evidences of the past.

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